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Why Choose RAYAPA

Rayapa is not just an external decoration; it is an attitude, a lifestyle. Our gel nail series allow you to enjoy a professional manicure experience anytime, anywhere.

Custom press-on gel nail ensuring vibrant and enduring color

Variety of Styles

From classic French manicures to the latest trendy designs, Rayapa offers hundreds of style options to suit different occasions and personalities. With designs updated every season, your fingertips will always be on the cutting edge of fashion

nail art stickers Destiny Nail renderings

Durability and Quality

Our press-on nails utilize advanced gel technology, ensuring vibrant and enduring color. They maintain a perfect condition for over two weeks, without worrying about fading or detachment during bathing, dishwashing, or daily work.

press-on gel nails allow to easily switch professional nail designs


Forget the waiting times at Rayapa's wearable nails allow you to easily switch to professional nail designs at home. In just a few minutes, you can have long-lasting, beautiful nails.

  • Press on nails is colorful


  • Creative DIY nail art kit


  • Destiny Nail art renderings


  • decorative nail art stickers collection


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RAYAPA Semi-cured Gel Nail

What is Semi-cured Gel Nail?

Imagine salon gel nails and nail stickers had a baby. This is it. Semi-cured is the latest technology in the nail industry.They're salon gel nails but half the price, half the time and without the nail damage. Unbelievable. (But, it's real.)Real liquid gel is semi-cured 60% onto the sticker sheet. They're flexible, stretchy and wearable material which fits to all nail shape and sizes! Under a UV lamp for 60 seconds, it becomes 100% cured.

Will it damage my nails?

No! Our products is 100% safe and it will not damage your lovely nails even after you removed it.

How long will it takes to get my nails done?

Less than 10 Minutes! 

Imagine you need to get your nail done at a salon for a dinner, an event, wedding or a party but you have work, house chores or looking after your kids. Annoying isn't it? Is okay, we gotchu! 

You can get your nails done anywhere, anytime in less than 10 Minutes! 

It might takes slightly longer on your first try! But you will definitely able to get it done in less than 10 minutes on your 2nd or 3rd try!

How long will it last?

Everyone want their nails to last long, don't they? 

Don't worry! Our nails can last at least 2 weeks or more!