Semi-Cured Nails - Clear Base with White Tips

Semi-Cured Nails - Clear Base with White Tips

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This elegant set brings a modern twist to the classic manicure, blending timeless style with the cutting-edge convenience of semi-cured technology. Perfect for those who appreciate the sophisticated simplicity of French tips but desire the ease of application at home, this set ensures you can sport a professional-looking manicure anytime, without the need for salon visits.

Elegant Design: Each box contains 20 pieces of semi-cured nail strips featuring a transparent base with pristine white tips, paying homage to the timeless French manicure style while ensuring a contemporary and clean look.

High-Quality Material: Crafted from premium materials, these semi-cured nail strips promise vibrant and enduring color. They're designed to fit nails of all sizes, offering the flexibility to be trimmed and adjusted to your perfect fit.

Simple Application: Start with clean, dry nails. Apply the semi-cured nail strip, starting at the base and pressing towards the tips. Trim any excess material for a perfect fit. Finalize the look by curing under a UV/LED lamp, securing a durable and glossy finish. (For comprehensive instructions, refer to our Guide: How to Use Semi-Cured Nails).

Guide: How to Use Semi-Cured Nails Guide: Easy to Remove Semi-cured Nails


Type: Semi-Cured Gel Nails

Quantity: 14/18/20 pieces

Package: Nails x 1, file x 1, stick x 1, alcohol patch x 1

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