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Rayapa Nude Gradient Semicured UV Gel Nail Stickers Kit

Rayapa Nude Gradient Semicured UV Gel Nail Stickers Kit

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Nude gradient design: This set uses a very popular nude color with a gradient effect, which is both natural and fashionable and suitable for various occasions and skin colors.

Semi-curing technology: Nail art stickers use semi-curing UV gel technology. After the user uses UV light at home, the gel completes the curing process, achieving the same level of gloss and lasting effect as in a salon.

UV gel material: Unlike traditional nail polish or stickers, UV gel provides better gloss and durability and is not easy to fall off.

Set configuration: It usually includes nail art stickers of various sizes to adapt to the nail sizes of different users. In addition, it may also include gadgets and instructions to facilitate user operation.

Ease of use

Instead of going to a nail salon, users can easily complete the manicure process at home, saving time and money.

Suitable for various emergency occasions or daily manicure maintenance, especially suitable for busy modern women.

Effects and advantages:

Provides high-shine and flawless manicure results for weeks.
The nude gradient design is simple yet fashionable, and can be easily matched with various clothing.
Semi-cured UV gel technology makes manicure healthier and safer, reducing damage to natural nails


Guide: How to Use Semi-Cured Nails Guide: Easy to Remove Semi-cured Nails


Type: Semi-Cured Gel Nails

Quantity: 14/18/20 pieces

Package: Nails x 1, file x 1, stick x 1, alcohol patch x 1

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