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The Smarter+ Skincare Fridge 9L Makeup Fridge With Smart App White

The Smarter+ Skincare Fridge 9L Makeup Fridge With Smart App White

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UPGRADE VERSION Smarter+: The Smarter+ improve cooling tech and AC adapter issues from original version. Control your favorite cosmetics at the most suitable temperature anytime, anywhere with ‘Smart Life’ app. 

Smart Mode' for for cosmetics, facial masks and other temperature control.
'Night Mode' to reduce the noise of the cooling fan and lower power consumption.

Frost-free Tech for Skincare & Cosmetics Storage: Our Beauty fridge has a special air cooling system to keep the perfect cool range between 42~82°F, making sure your skincare never freezes. It keeps your makeup safe from getting frozen or damp.

Constant temperature storage of cosmetic: The Smarter+ makeup Fridge not only allows you to control the temperature range but also lets you set a fixed temperature at 54°F (or within the range) for the freshest and coolest effect. It instantly revitalizes tired skin and reduces product oxidation. 

App remote control and reminder functions: Want to adjust the temperature of your mini skincare fridge remotely when you're not around? Just a click on your phone is all it takes. Plus, the app features a makeup expiration reminder function, allowing you to freely set the expiration dates of your cosmetics and how many days in advance you want to be alerted. This helps you use them up in time or reduce waste to the maximum extent.

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